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I've caught a cold. And it's extremely unwelcome. I just finally got over the deafness and congestion of the last one, and now I'm coughing, stuffy/runny nose and that not-quite-sore-but-tender throat,and I'm a little hoarse.

So here's my dilemma: I have students today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Of these students, 5 of them are going to state on Saturday. State is the biggest competition of the year, and last year I had a student get sick and be unable to sing at the festival, after paying over a hundred dollars to enter and for the accompanist. I'm not too sick to get up and go to work, but I'm worried about exposing these singers to this annoying head cold and cough. So what should I do?

Vote in my poll about it here.

ETA: I ended up doing a combination of things for my lessons: I called the kids who were going to state and told them about my illness so they could decide whether or not they wanted a lesson this week. I also bought surgical masks, hand sanitizer, and "anywhere" sanitizing spray and used all three liberally before, during and after lessons. Only one student opted not to have a lesson, but she is the majority of my work-hours on Tuesday, so I went ahead and rescheduled all the Tuesday lessons and canceled my Kindermusik class, hoping to spend a quiet day in bed.
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