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If you know me, (or have visited my myspace page with my feature on it), you know my tastes in music go all over the map. Well I'm starting up a podcast to share my best finds with the world, and I'm desperately looking for some good, diverse music.

^_^ It's still in its infant stages, but I thought that while I'm shopping for a new computer I should still go about finding music for the show, no? So here goes!

Regardless of your genre, I'm looking for quality musicians in every style- Pop, Latin, Goth/Industrial, EBM, Trance, Middle Eastern, Nwe Wave, World, Celtic, Folk and more.

From Voltaire to Omnia, Gypsy Nomads to VnV Nation, Sarah MclAchlan to Loreena McKennit, Madonna to ATB, I love all genres of music and want to share my eclectic tastes with others! If you have anything on sites like Ioda, Magnatunes or Podshow. com, please let me know so I can feature you in my new podcast called "Eclectica." If you don't have anything on such a site but would like to have your music appear on the show, please send me a wire and let me know which songs you'd like to send out, where I can find them to download for the podcast, and where listeners can buy and/or download them as well. ^_^ This could be REALLY neat, so I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone who's got something niff to share! :D:D

Oh yes, and storytellers & writers are welcome too! This show will NOT be limited to vocals, instrumentals and other types of traditional music! If you have poetry you'd like to submit, or know of a storyteller who's got a track or two they can share, pony that up, too! :D:D (Oh, and if you or someone you know has a piece of written work that they want submitted but who's too afraid to record it themselves, I'll be happy to recite it instead, and credit the appropriate author, if they'd wish. :))

Thanks so Much, & Hope to Hear From You!

PS I've already heard back from one of the artists I'ce asked for permission to play his stuff. ^_^ His name is Joshua Safford, & he's a neat, diverse storyteller & performer who can be found at :D:D
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