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The Opportunity of a Lifetime


I'm about to audition for American Idol and I am stumped as to what to audition with.  I'm a soprano with good range up and down, and so far my ideas are "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, "How Can I Keep From Singing" by Enya, Bonnie Raiite's "I Can't Make You Love Me," & "Arianna's Blessing," a song by a local band named Kiva.   

I'm older than the age limit and so am hoping just to be seen on one of the first few audition episodes...  (I'm only 31 and look much younger than that, but I'm also visually impaired and hope that that and my general "story" might move them into at least letting me be heard, like that older gentleman from last year who got to sing a song for his wife.)  

Any advice would be great, as would any other suggestions for potential audition songs.  
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