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Planes and Stage Fright..?

 Okay, 2 quick questions: 
1.  I tend to go partially deaf for like two or more days after I fly for some strange, bizarro plane pressure-related reason.  Would anyone happen to know how I can prevent this, as I'm about to audition for something pretty major within that deafness window?  I don't wanna be distracted from my performance by not being able to hear fully for the next few days after I fly...

And secondly:  2.  I've pretty much suffrered from stage fright every single time I've gotten up to sing in front of people- beit a casual situation or for a formal performance.  (Unless you count the times I belted out "opera" on the bleachers as a five year-old when I was bored at local baseball games. ;))  It does get a little bit better each time I go "up there" as it were, but it never goes away, either.  I don't want to get boozed or drugged up, and aside from the classic naked-with-socks-on stuff, or the whole standard of "they -want- you to do well/they're not there to criticze you" thing (because in my audition case they kind of are...) I'd love to hear anyone's tips on overcoming the magajitters. :)

Oh yeah- and  I never just choke...  I more often get more and more panicky as my time to sing approaches, and when it's time to perform I fail to take deep enough breaths, slow down, think of my technique/performance, etc. beyond just remembering the wods.  Plus I get (at least to me anyway) vibrato from hell, and go on "automatic" as I call it:  (I'm sure lotsa folks know what I'm talking about here:  My brain just kind of goes flatline/absent like the pilot's abandoned ship, and when it's all over I'm all panicky and "oh my gawd, what did I just do??  That SUCKED!!"  Very adrenaline rush-y.)  Might anyone have any helpful pointers?

Many Many Thanks!!

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